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Friday, January 11, 2008

~Sort of Like Moses Wandering Through The Desert, But Not~

It is finally happened: I have a domain name. I have my last new site: It gives me a little thrill to have a dot com, it makes me believe that I could have t-shirts. I don't know what they would say or if I could get my mother to wear one--but with the dot com title the door has opened to a whole new world.

A new world that is actually the old world all bundled into one place. Outtabodymommy has all of my archives from all my years of blogging in one neat and tidy space. My first blog is there! It is organized and tidy and wide open for anything I wish to do with it.

So come on over there and help me make the new spot nifty--I get to take photography this semester! Do you think I might be a budding Ansel Adams?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

~Softly Into The Dull Night~

School begins next Monday, and this means I got my bi-annual hair-do. My hair had reached the length I like to call, "Polygamy hair". Because I am going to the Big Campus this Spring, I needed a something a little more sophisticated and a little more in my age group. (I read that after the age of 19 women should not have hair that brushes the top of their ass.)

What I have now is hip-hop hair, and this is the perfect time to be sporting a jouncy pony-tail because I am taking a hip-hop class this Spring. At the Big Campus. (Which is different from the little campus by about 800 buildings and parking so far away one must catch a shuttle to get to a building.)

If you have ever seen me dance, you are probably laughing right now--go ahead. I can take it. I am fully aware that my feet can't hear the rhythm and that my arms aren't even listening to the same song and that I move my lips when I am counting steps.

I am taking the hip-hop class for two reasons:

1. I have an hour after my last class and the bus ride home. I can use that hour studying (which really means, "drinking coffee and having a nosh in the sub") or I can take a hip-hop class and get ready for bathing suit season.

2. I grew up watching teenager movies like 'flash dance" and "grease". I believe that there comes a moment in every persons life when they will have to dance down either a gang fight or the authorities or to save someones life. I am getting up there in years so it only seems obvious that my West-side dance down will coming soon. And if I can't dance, my gang will be the losers (or someone could die, or the authorities could take us down) and I can't have that on my conscious now can I?

I am looking forward to this semester, I am taking most excellent classes like: Photography (and lab) the art of the Book, Women in Art, Hip-hop (effing algebra). It should be an interesting semester full of wonderful things for me to do that advance my college career in the direction I wish for it to go .

It should also be fun because my list of classes has caused my spouse to say, "Your taking WHAT? That isn't even a real class!!"

Sunday, January 06, 2008

~Movie Monday~

One time? I was this close to a moose:

The day I got video of the moose is the same day I made this video:

Jen and I were sitting on a boat launch when the moose appeared. We set quietly and watched the moose--each of us thingking that if worse came to worse we could out run the other--until a truck pulled in and scared the moose away.

In other animal news: I wrote a post about dead deer that got tucked into my archives, so I thought I should give it a little bit of attention.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

~Answering Unasked Questions~

One question that no one has ever asked me is: "Deborah, how do you get such sweet and candid shots of your children?"

Since no one has ever asked, I am willing to share the magic of my photographic moments.

When photographing children I have found that it is best to click shots while they are unaware. It is my goal to catch them as they play and when I discover them blissfully playing, I sneak in with my camera and capture them unaware. You could compare it to wild-life photography, though I believe that what I do with my children is much more spontaneous and natural.

This summer I took pictures of my children, my plan was for the shot to be a Christmas card photo. When I snuck up on my children I accidentally turned the camera on the video function, and thus I accidentally made a video that shows exactly how I get spontaneous shots: