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Thursday, January 03, 2008

~Answering Unasked Questions~

One question that no one has ever asked me is: "Deborah, how do you get such sweet and candid shots of your children?"

Since no one has ever asked, I am willing to share the magic of my photographic moments.

When photographing children I have found that it is best to click shots while they are unaware. It is my goal to catch them as they play and when I discover them blissfully playing, I sneak in with my camera and capture them unaware. You could compare it to wild-life photography, though I believe that what I do with my children is much more spontaneous and natural.

This summer I took pictures of my children, my plan was for the shot to be a Christmas card photo. When I snuck up on my children I accidentally turned the camera on the video function, and thus I accidentally made a video that shows exactly how I get spontaneous shots:


Virginia said...

Turns out you get pictures of your kids exactly the same way I do. Sometimes, by the time I get a decent picture I'm so aggravated I just want to strangle them all.

Cate said...

At least you get the pics.. then you do cute sweet things with the pics. That does count.
Your video is a good example of why my family has never had a professional setting done. *sigh*

Ash said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You would hear me in the background screaming at Leila to stop sticking out her toungue and giving the devil sign.