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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

~Keep This On The Low Down~

It has been a couple weeks since I have posted here, but that is because I got another job that I have been working on.

That's right! TWO writing jobs! This means I AM a Freelance writer, and--now here is the cool thing--I am currently making enough cashola to support my family. This doesn't mean that I am planning to get a divorce so I can start my new financially independent life. I like my husband, he's hot. I am going to keep him, but there is something so right about knowing that I could support our family. He could take weeks at a time off. This is the first time in the history of our relationship that he is not shouldering the entire burden of our bills.

(He is also going to be a little pissed if he finds out I posted this picture on the net...So don't tell him.)

I am pretty pleased with my current life, my office is fantastic, and two days ago I got a check AND a t-shirt AND a thank-you card from my second writing job.

I am finding it rather easy to be me right now. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to have a writing job so that I could make my own hours, do what I enjoy doing and make a living. And right now? It's happening. I AM living the dream, and I am finding it a lot cooler than I thought it would be. (And did you notice I used the proper form of then/than right there? huh? Didja?)

In the Fall I will be going back to school full time, but I may decrease my hours in the Spring. I would like to think that I can pay for college myself, and I won't need the loans. Because I am going to college to become a writer--and right now I am a paid writer--I no longer see the need to hurry up about it. I waited til I was 35 to go back to school, and if I don't graduate until I am 40, who cares?

For the last few weeks I have been obscenely happy. I have been the kind of happy that starts to get on people's nerves. You know how it is, the girls come over to talk about their problems and they want to commiserate. It is a little offensive to be at a bitch fest with someone who doesn't have anything to bitch about. But I am willing to be the annoyingly happy person at a bitch fest. I see it as my personal mission to be that person.

So, I am doing a little celebrating. I know my happy days won't last forever, they never do--but until they come to an end, I will be enjoying my cozy little life.


Ash said...

a) your husband looks entirely hot while mowing, which motivates me to make my soon to be husband take on the lawn shirtless,yes, I do like the idea.
b) you look entirely to cosmo to be sitting in a yard in Idaho.
c) whats that in the glass, and can I have some?

Mel said...

Look at you, you hot mama!

melllish said...

>>i found your blog a while ago by accident, googling "disease that don't exist," <<<
meant to say "diseaseS that don't exist." I got me some grammar, thanks.
That is way cool that you've got another job writing. I'd be damn proud of myself, too. Are you allowed to say where, or is it a secret that if you say out loud will all go away? I'd really like to read anything you're writing.
-melllish, 32, non-mommy+happy, NJ

Paul said...

I know a wine-drinking, lap-top using professional writer with a rack that won't quit and legs that go all the way to the floor, and it's YOU.

Unhinged said...

Debber! I'm so proud of you. And jealous, too, but I know inside and out that if anyone deserves this success, it's you.


Deborah said...

Mel, the shot is being taken at a good angle by a good photographer,but thanks for the compliment!

Mellish, the second company that I work for is at and it will be launching very shortly, it's a great concept and the schwag is very cute in a sparkly eye catching kind of way.

Paul! I know a guy that is smooth--and it's YOU!

Andrea! Thanks so much, I've been dreaming of the day and I am so glad that I had it! (Now it is starting to be like {gasp} work.