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Sunday, December 02, 2007

~X-mas Picture Time~

Today the family and I drove to Mesa Falls to have our Christmas picture taken. It was my idea. I have lived in Idaho since I was four years old, and it didn't really occur to me that the road might be impassible. It didn't occur to me because I am not very smart.

You see, it is December 2nd in Idaho and Mesa Falls is on top of a mountain. I wasn't thinking about winter and a mountain--I was thinking about Mesa Falls and pictures such as this:

Seriously, wouldn't it be cool to take a Christmas photo in such a scenic spot as that? There is a waterfall. Do you have a waterfall in your photo? I bet you don't.

So we loaded into the Durango and headed up the mountain. I am not going to lie to you--it wasn't fun. We passed people on snowmobiles who gave us disapproving looks and shook their heads. We trudged on because we were committed; the fact that we were driving on a snowmobile trail up a mountain road with no guard rails mattered naught.

Okay. It mattered some. It mattered a whole lot to the little boy looking out the window. He had a commentary running: "And then the father did a hoopy-de-hoo and the whole family slid down the hill to meet a bloody death on the rocks below."

(He is overly dramatic. I blame me.)

The father did not do a hoopy-de-hoo and we did not meet a bloody death on the rocks below. Instead we wallowed in two feet of snow down a path snow covered path.

There was some griping about the shoes and some kvetching about the stairs, but when we got to the falls,it was a pretty spectacular view. I wish I had pictures to show you, but unfortunately we only had two batteries, and they came from the "Leap Frog' and we weren't sure how much juice they had. (they had enough juice for one picture).

You might wonder why we risked our lives to take pictures at a waterfall and we only brought two cheap batteries. But then you would be a nay sayer, and we aren't nay sayers. We are yes sayers who got two pictures. The first one could be titled, "Is that a pistol in your pocket or are you incredibly pissed off to see me?

The second is my daughter's favorite. Probably because she looks cute. My only problem with the picture is Martin and I look like dumb and dumber:

After that picture our batteries died. We spent the next hour climbing back up the mountain. The kids all complained about being cold. They suggested their cloth shoes weren't fit for the excursion, and I suggested they shut-up and make sure they don't mess up their hair.

What can I say, I am good mom.

We drove back through: "Do not cross this line: if you do prepare to freeze to death because we will not find you until spring " snow. It was a hassle. there was some crying (me) and some suggesting that we would die (Jake )But we made it.

We went to Pond's Lodge. I bought new batteries and suggested we try to make it to the cabin. The kids loved the idea, and when I say 'loved" I mean they would agree to anything for hot chocolate:

The road looked like this:

We took two pictures at the creek:

The kids weren't loving the winter creek as much as they loved the summer creek, and when I say they weren't loving it I mean they were all crying, "but mom...our tiny little hands and miniscule fingers, we can no longer feel them...please mommy dearest, may we go back to the warm vehicle?"

Kids. That don't get the import of the Christmas card picture do they?

Anyway. Which of these shots would you chose for your card?

Numero Uno: (the one which baby girl loves because she looks adorable and her parent's look like they ride the short bus):

Numero dos: The one in which the parents look good enough to be invited to your next swapper party.

Uno or dos. You tell me, and I will make the cards.

If you would like to receive an official Chessey family card, leave your address in the comments and I will put you on my list. If you are concerned about giving your address to a random internet person, consider this: if you give me your address that means my mother will have your address and she may send you a stylish sweater set. (and when I say "may" I mean: not a chance in hell. But I will send you a card.)


shannon said...

I like the second one the best

Unhinged said...

Geesh, I should know better than to read your entries when I'm eating.

That said, I vote for the 2nd photo. All of your faces are closer and easily visible. Well, except for the red fox.

(Izzat what that dog is?)

Cate Loves said...

Ok, seriously? I like the first one... Your DH looks like he was just told something funny, the kids look like they are glowing.. and you? You look great! Much more put together then I would expect a woman who had 3 kids, goes to school full time, writes professionaly... AND has the balls to go out into the snow... just for a photo.
I freakin love you dude!

PS.. do you already have my addy?

Jennifer said...

Dos. Definately. ;)

Terri Richardson said...

You can make me so homesick! Both pictures are great because your whole family is beautiful, but I prefer #2 just because Mesa Falls makes me sad (sad story) and Big Springs is a happy place. I have friends who are wonderful folks and cabin-neighbors of yours.

I am the long lost friend from Florida, and haven't commented for a while because I am a math teacher and figured you wouldn't want to hear form the likes of me.

Deborah said...

Numero dos it is! I noticed that the five of you that commented forgot to give me your address. Is it because you are afraid the other two people that read this site will stalk you? ;)

Andrea! The dogs name is Zorro--which does mean female fox in Spanish. She is actually a pomeranian with the brain the size of a robin's egg. Her brain holds three commands, "Bark!" "Yap!" and "Poop on carpet!"
Do you want her?

Terri! Were you afraid I wouldn't want to hear from the likes of you because I am jealous of the florida thing? I am jealous of you and your good weather--but that shouldn't come between us. ;)