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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

~Well Now, That Explains It~

So it is dead week and that means that some of my grades are coming in. I scored a B+ in my astro-physics lab (yes, astro-physics is just astronomy--but doesn't it sound like I am much more intelligent when I say, "Astro-Physics"?)Today I find out if I passed algebra. The algebra class that is a repeat of the first half of the semester--the class I failed and I am retaking.

This is the first Tuesday morning in many weeks that I haven't had a butt load of homework to complete before I go to class. In fact, I have no homework to complete. I do have a buttload of housework though. It's almost Christmas and I should clean carpets and mop and remove my laundry pile--right?

For the last two years I have gotten ill around the end of the semester: migraines, nausea diarrhea--the whole ball of phlegm. I have resigned myself to the awful fact that finals stress me out so badly that I become physically ill. I have begun to wonder if I can hack an academic life--what about after I graduate and I have a dead-line? Will I be forty something and puking because I have a job to complete?

This morning I realized it isn't the academic stress that gives me the icks--it is the end of academic work that gives me the icks.

Check it, after next week I will have a couple weeks off from school, and this means I have no excuse for my laundry pile or my dirty floors or my streaky mirrors. Currently I can justify the fact that I haven't mopped the floor in way to long; "I don't have time to mop. I have a final paper to write."

Besides the house work that I avoid because I am studying, there are also the other tasks. Can I help out with the kindergarten Christmas project? Gosh, I would love to--but I have a test. Can I babysit the infant of a friend two days a week? Sure wish I could--but I have to write a paper. Would I be willing to help build a float? Shoot--I love building floats, but unfortunately--I have school.

It isn't the school work that makes me ill, it is the other work. I am not pooping water because of a test in Astro-physics, I am pooping water because the tests are over, and now I am going to have to cook meals--from scratch!

So it seems the reason I get sick during the final weeks of school is: I am basically lazy.

The up-side of the final weeks of school and the sickness is that I drop the pounds. Remember when I wrote about my quest to fit into the pants with the cute appliqued pockets? Those pockets fit perfectly right now. In fact (and I hate to brag) I could make a meal out of cheesecake and copper camels for an entire week, and I might still be able to slip into those suckers.

And now I am off to my final algebra class. This means I only have one more day of school this week, and only one day of school next week. *urp*


kim said...

I was just checkin out your new/old digs... the reason moving forward feels like standing still is because, technically, you are... standing still that is. We exist in an inertial frame... learned that in Astro-physics... yep (impressed aren't you?) see you in class on Wednesday.

jeanette1ca said...

Why do you call yourself lazy just because you don't want to do housework? Sounds to me like you are working pretty darn hard on your school work, and you'll probably work pretty darn hard when you have a job.

And I suppose your husband and kids are lazy also, because obviously they don't like to do housework...oh, you say, it isn't lazy when MEN don't want to do housework, only when women don't want to do housework....duh...

housework is just another form of tedious, repetitive, sometimes nasty, usually boring work. It isn't any more your job than your husbands, your children's or your dogs. It's just work that has to be done to make the place liveable. You're not lazy because you're doing your schoolwork - you're very intelligent because you are learning some skills so you can hire someone who LOVES doing housework to do it while you do something you LOVE or at least like parts of, since life doesn't offer all of us the chance to write the great American novel or design beautiful houses all day.

Sorry to rant - come visit me and you'll see what truely not doing housework (and not being able currently to afford to hire help) is like -- better yet, send your husband - I guarantee he'll never speak a word against your level of housekeeping once he sees mine!

Deborah said...

Jeanette--you are a feminist aren't you? I've just discovered the feminists and I am loving them.

You are correct, housework is jut another redious repetitive task. And? My kids are lazy. My husband works 12-16 hours a day so that gives him a housework pass. The way I have it figured, he works his ass off to pay for it, it can be my job to clean it. When I get my degree and make buttloads of cash--then we will split the chores in a more woman friendly manner.

I do work very hard in school but from my way of thinking--that is me preparing for the future, not the present. Someday my college education will pay off. Right now, it is something that I do for me that removes me from housework.

On the socialist/Marxist feminist scale, housework has monetary value, so it isn't all bad that I am responisble--technically, I should be earning a wage for my tedious tasks.

On a positive note, the ol man doesn't bitch about the clutter. He likes coming home to a house full of happy people--couldn't care less if the mirrors are streaked.

In a nutshell, I call myself lazy because I look at my house and I can see that it is inhabited by a woman that doesn't take care of it properly and three kids who couldn't care less if the garbage can overflows.

If I was more like superwoman, I could do school and housework AND cook great meals. I know it can be done--I know women who do it--

But me? I would rather type then scrub.

And you? You are a wonderful woman who I am sure is a feminist. Long live the feminists!