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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

~Softly Into The Dull Night~

School begins next Monday, and this means I got my bi-annual hair-do. My hair had reached the length I like to call, "Polygamy hair". Because I am going to the Big Campus this Spring, I needed a something a little more sophisticated and a little more in my age group. (I read that after the age of 19 women should not have hair that brushes the top of their ass.)

What I have now is hip-hop hair, and this is the perfect time to be sporting a jouncy pony-tail because I am taking a hip-hop class this Spring. At the Big Campus. (Which is different from the little campus by about 800 buildings and parking so far away one must catch a shuttle to get to a building.)

If you have ever seen me dance, you are probably laughing right now--go ahead. I can take it. I am fully aware that my feet can't hear the rhythm and that my arms aren't even listening to the same song and that I move my lips when I am counting steps.

I am taking the hip-hop class for two reasons:

1. I have an hour after my last class and the bus ride home. I can use that hour studying (which really means, "drinking coffee and having a nosh in the sub") or I can take a hip-hop class and get ready for bathing suit season.

2. I grew up watching teenager movies like 'flash dance" and "grease". I believe that there comes a moment in every persons life when they will have to dance down either a gang fight or the authorities or to save someones life. I am getting up there in years so it only seems obvious that my West-side dance down will coming soon. And if I can't dance, my gang will be the losers (or someone could die, or the authorities could take us down) and I can't have that on my conscious now can I?

I am looking forward to this semester, I am taking most excellent classes like: Photography (and lab) the art of the Book, Women in Art, Hip-hop (effing algebra). It should be an interesting semester full of wonderful things for me to do that advance my college career in the direction I wish for it to go .

It should also be fun because my list of classes has caused my spouse to say, "Your taking WHAT? That isn't even a real class!!"


... Paige said...

If the class is at a college and you pay for it, I'd have to say it was pretty real.
Funny about you candid shots of the kids I make mine pose and tell them which way to look {Point their eyes) Although this has not stopped the yelling, poking or smacking. But they try to please me

sharlene said...

Sounds like a fun semester, I want to come!!!! Good luck with algebra, I'll bet it will help having a lighter schedule.

Fate said...

so... where is the photo of the new hair do?

Good luck with the hip-hop class!

ThatDeborahGirl said...

I'm down with the hip hop class. I once took African Dance for the same reason. Recently I've decided to step up sex (only burns calories if you sweat :) and my daughter is teaching me to play Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) which is simply awesome for weight loss.

I guess Richard Simmons had something with that Sweatin' to the Oldies after all. It may have been hokey but dancing is a fun way to lose weight.

Taking a page out of your book and going back to school. Summer was my first term. They put me in a "developmental education" class for algebra. LOL : ) I got an A though, so now I get to do DE Algebra Round 2 and then I get to do the "real" college algebra. If I get a B or C I'll be happy.