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Friday, January 11, 2008

~Sort of Like Moses Wandering Through The Desert, But Not~

It is finally happened: I have a domain name. I have my last new site: It gives me a little thrill to have a dot com, it makes me believe that I could have t-shirts. I don't know what they would say or if I could get my mother to wear one--but with the dot com title the door has opened to a whole new world.

A new world that is actually the old world all bundled into one place. Outtabodymommy has all of my archives from all my years of blogging in one neat and tidy space. My first blog is there! It is organized and tidy and wide open for anything I wish to do with it.

So come on over there and help me make the new spot nifty--I get to take photography this semester! Do you think I might be a budding Ansel Adams?

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